Mirriam MacwilliamsKnown as the “Millionaire Trader” in various media such as TV, radio and magazines, Mirriam Macwilliams is a very successful trader who lives in America. She is best known for her astounding feat of turning her $10,000 capital into $2 million within a short period of 2 years using her trading strategies.

Mirriam’s amazing successes with her trading has put her in great demand for her coaching services over the years.  Now, she travels to Asia numerous times a year to conduct her flagship Smart Traders mentorship program with Wealth Mentors.

Having coached more than 6,000 students in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia since 2003, Mirriam Macwilliams has successfully imparted her trading skills and experience to those who want to pick up the skills of trading profitably. Her students loved her for turning a complex subject into easy-to-follow, step-by-step strategies that anyone could learn and use right away.

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“No one Cares about Your Money More than YOU Do!”
Mirriam MacWilliams