Introduction to Smart Traders Bootcamp

The flagship Smart Traders Bootcamp is a popular program in USA and Asia, organised by Wealth Mentors.

This Smart Traders Bootcamp is conducted by Mirriam Macwilliams, the Chief Options Trainer for Wealth Mentors, together with her first protege in Asia, Mr Aaron Sim, who is the present CEO of Wealth Mentors.

The program has trained more than 7,500 students in USA and across Asia since its inception.

It starts with a 3 full days training course, followed by a solid 3 months of coaching and support to refine and hone the trading skills of all the students as part of the entire program.

Here is an actual footage of the 3-days training.

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Review of the Smart Traders course by Mirriam’s Students

“Thanks Mirriam and Aaron for giving this opportunity to learn HOW TO MAKE $!! This is a really good and enjoyable learning class!! Thank you for the patience and dedication!! Thanks Mirriam for the laws of prosperity too! “
Chew Shirlin, Engineer


“Easy to understand. Makes me excited to start trading in no time.”
Wai Leong


“As a new investor, who has never been in the market at all like me, I have been exposed & become a knowledgeable newbie in the market. I’m thrilled & ready to start my money management journey.”
Shu Chiang, Engineer


“The techniques taught in this course are simple, effective and powerful. It encompasses various aspects of a successful trading business with high returns and capital protection.”
Cai Bingrong, Analyst


“I enjoy the information. I enjoy the energy involved in the workshop. I enjoy the passion Mirriam has for trading.”
Mariana Perez, IT professional


“Really enjoyed being here. Feel sad that it’s over. Mirriam is a good teacher and mentor. Can get good vibes from her regarding her honesty and spirituality. Feel confident that I can trade in the future. Aaron is also a good teacher and mentor. His team is also helpful. Feel that I have spent my money wisely. Looking forward to getting more help from Wealth Mentors.”
Christine Rennka Nadarajah, Homemaker


“So appreciate that Mirriam shared such great real life-learned knowledge with us and help us succeed in trading. Real examples to nail down the skills into practice, with money management skills. Priceless. Prosperity Laws and Mindset to apply and achieve one’s life goals. I’m really thankful that Mirriam & Aaron shared…”
Nao Roi


“Discussion was very lively, I am notorious in sleeping through discussions but the 4 day training kept me up and about. Very very good teaching process, very well planned.”
Altero Bernardo, Engineer


“Mirriam and Aaron are very knowledge in trading. Very patient answering all the questions put forward to them. I will be very much happy to share my first earnings with them.”
Sankar, Principal Systems Analyst


“Thanks a lot for this fab training.  Taught me excellent and high probability of success strategies, yet preserving capital, and unclouded mentality of the go-about. Thank you for institutionalising the ‘secret sauce’ of a tough sector. God bless!”
Naomi Hoe, Principal Consultant


“I like Mirriam’s sharing of the 4 universal laws of prosperity to attract and retain wealth. I love the pace of training with practical session immediately following the theory to reinforce learning.”
Goh Yue Seng, Self-employed


“Appreciate the positive attitude of trainers and WILLINGNESS to teach & help others to make money. Totally unselfish! With the amount of time & the topics covered, it feels like I’m already at an advantage (HUGE ONE) even though I have not started profitting $ yet. Thank you.”
Marinez, Engineer


“I love the training as it is conducted in a very simple, easy-to-follow method. Mirriam speaks very clearly and easy to understand. The paper money practice is great as it helps to build confidence before putting the real money to test. The group of team leaders are friendly and helpful.”
David Ho


“The training was very well organised! I have gain knowledge and ‘wealth’ through this course.”
Gan, IT


“An enriching 4 days sessions with the knowledge to bring home. But the best of all, is to know that we are support in many ways after that thru’ various channels. Thank you & God bless!!”
Cindy, Teacher


“I love this training, let me learn new things. Mirriam makes the options trade look simple and achievable, she’s so sincere in sharing her personal experience. I can do it! Thanks to Aaron & team leaders too. You all are very helpful.”
Lulu M.G. , Financial Consultant


“I enjoyed the training very much. I learned a lot of things and really eager to start paper trade.”
Sim Li San, IT manager


“I really enjoyed this training. It is an eye-opener for me. I really look forward to my future! The methods taught are simple and easy to understand. I hope to make/earn a living for my future, after which, help the society by participating in volunteer work. Trading, to me, isn’t that hard anymore, now that I have learnt a few points. Most importantly, PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL!!!”
Gladys Goh, Student


“Very informative and useful. A great introduction to very workable and easy to understand methods of options trading for someone like me who has never traded before.”
Vejei, Business owner


“Very clear, detailed & helpful presentations.”
Daniel Tan, Sales


“It allow me to know what are the money making tools out there, which are free to use together with the strategies that I had learn in this 4 day training.”


“Step by step / concise coaching/guidance. Interactive teachings. Course materials well done. Support from staff, team leaders all very good. Thank you very very much!”
Ong Tze Guan Jack, Financial Adviser Representative


“The knowledge gleaned from the training has accelerated my confidence in training options. The strategies are practical & common sense oriented. I like the positive energy and being in an environment with like-minded people. The team leaders & support was excellent & quick. The after course support is numerous as well.”
Chong Wei Jung, Procurement


“This is an excellent course! I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously and learnt a lot from Mirriam and Aaron. Can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt to practice!”
Sim Gaik Heok, Finance Manager


“It has been a great 4 Days event. I truly enjoyed this mentorship program given by Mirriam and Aaron. It’s really eye-opening! It has given me confidence in trading on my own and hopefully, I will succeed and achieve my financial freedom soon!”
Josephine Teo


“I wish to thank both Mirriam and Aaron for their enthusiasm in imparting their knowledge and skills to me who is a complete stranger to options trading. I’ve learned and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of this trade through this ‘gruelling’ but very useful 4-day seminar. Can’t wait to go ‘live’! “
Chang Lee Mey, Corporate Trainer

“Very informative. The tutorial gives me confidence. I am looking forward to putting my knowledge to practise. I am comfortable/assured as Wealth Mentors taught good hedging strategies to protect my capital.”
Eleanor N. , Consultant


“It is my first time attending this type of course. Is really an eye-opener for me. I have learned a lot through this 4 days training. Thank you Wealth Mentors.”
Joanna Chang, Student


“This has been a very enriching and practical training session, teaching and explaining the different strategies in a very clear, easy to understand manner. Looking forward to become a prosperous and Smart Trader with the teachings learnt!”
Agnes Lim, Self Employed

“Informative, Well Explained. Detailed presentation of each topics making it easy to follow. Provides beginner the correct mindset and all tools required to get started.
Mario Corrales, Electrical Engineer

“Before this training, I’ve learnt about options trading through book reading. I think what I’ve learnt during this course is not something I can get from books.”
Regina Soh, IT Specialist

“It has been an enriching 4 days of training and is time to put into practice. Aaron and Mirriam together with the team leaders have been great and ever so patient with answering our questions. Looking forward to my empowerment towards financial independence and freedom!”
Karen Tan


“This is a well rounded short investing course. It has helped me understand and possibly take control of my financial situation; a situation that is mostly provided by professionals. Thank you Wealth Mentors for empowering me.”
 U. Menon, Dentist


“This was an energetic seminar with nothing held back! Interactive and there were ample support staff to assist in questions and answers.”
Logan Wong


“This is probably the most thorough and comprehensive course I’ve attended. It gives an overall view on not only options, but also the market and world of trading as a whole. I’m impressed at the conceptual thinking that is taught, allowing even a newbie like me to be excited that trading is actually quite simple to understand.”
Nadirah Sultan, Homemaker

“I personally like this course very much. It is easy to understand and have a lot of coaching. Material given to us is useful and complete. We don’t need to spend time to do the summary of what we have learned. It is like everything is well prepared for you. Thanks Wealth Mentors!”
Ching Lee Sun, Accountant


“Really appreciate for sharing those option trading strategies in a simple way. Although I am a new trader, I can understand the lessons taught. I believe I will start the journey to my financial freedom.”
Joyce Pang Qin, Engineer


“The training has been very thorough, systematic, and great for both new and matured traders. The energy and help given by the presenters and helpers are tremendous. Continue to teach the masses.”
Nicholas Cheok 


“This has been an awesome 4 days training. From zero knowledge on options, I am now able to trade options and understand the fundamentals behind options. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to my future financial freedom ahead!”
Ivy Goh, Housewife


“The methods taught are simple and easy to follow. It makes me think about why I did not attend this seminar much earlier. I like the fact she enforces the idea that we can choose to do whatever we do and live the life we want to and not one that we have to.”
Viknesh, Self Employed


“Many Thanks for sharing the ‘Secret’ of option trading! Impressive online support programs.”
Soh Soon Ghee, Business Director
Thanks for the simple yet effective trading method… compared to my days of a private banker (where options was more complex). This method is so simple and idiot-proof!”
Raymond Chua, Retiree


Simple and wonderful trading methods that I have learnt during the 4 days training.”
Lim Khick Kiong
Lively presentation. Knowledgeable learning method. Responsible company, Step by Step Assistance.”
Lim Kok Kah, Self Employed


“The notes and points shared are easy to follow and understand. Mirriam has made the topic option easy to understand. Follow the steps and rules. The case study deepen the knowledge. I am excited to put into practise and be financial free.”
Jessica Lee, Client Services


“Well planned curriculum with easy and quick to grasp charts and examples really helped me to understand option trade in a short period. Enforcing positive attitude and lively discussions make me feel I’m into my right direction of making wealth.”
Meenakshi Devi B. , Homemaker


“It has been a fulfilling and enriching session! Wealth Mentors has proven that knowledge is a lifetime journey and it never stops. Team leaders and facilitators has been very helpful, accommodating and superb! Well done Wealth Mentors!”
Manisah Ariff, Bank Manager


“Mirriam, Aaron and the team at Wealth Mentors are really dedicated and helpful in imparting their knowledge in options trading. I have truly learnt and benefitted a lot from this Smart Traders course. Well done Wealth Mentors!”
Alvin Lee, Assistant Manager


“It’s an enjoyable 4 days learning experience. It had opened up my mind for my own financial journey through this great financial education conducted by Mirriam and Aaron. It had been a clear and well-presented training and course. The journey begins…”
Karen Chew, Finance Manager


“Comprehensive course and very practical. Gives realistic expectations about trading wisely and profitably. Emphasis on money management and readiness on paper trade before going live.”
Leng Yenli Michelle, Insurance Adviser


“The strategies are simple and easy to follow. There are more than 1 strategy taught, and an individual can find one or more strategies that he/she finds suitable. This is made for beginner like me, who don’t know much about trading options.”
Hailey Wong, Consultant