Mirriam Macwilliams Review by her Successful Students

Success stories of Mirriam’s students in Asia and USA. Too many of them. Here are a small sampling for your reference. We are arranging for more to be uploaded here.









“Using 2 of Mirriam’s strategies, we were able to move to a downtown loft with ocean views and almost 3x the space. And I was able to purchase with cash from only 2 trades… my 1st convertible (car)!”Sunny Burgher, Graphic Designer


“I stared with live capital of $5,000 and just after two months, I’ve built up my capital to almost double at $9,700+. I’ve earned back my tuition fees and other related expenses.”Ermia Quitalig, Managing Consultant


“… have seen fantastic growth in my account! I really enjoy the process and I hope within the next two years to quit my day job and live off my trading!”Joe Mason, Teacher


Great Success with Mirriam’s strategies! Recently in AMZN and MCD for 35% returns. Thank you Mirriam for everything!”Jogesh Doshi, Business Owner


“Options trading allows me to make money without stress or worries. More importantly it gives me the free time and money to take my family for a Europe holiday and have a great time…”Justin Khoo, Malaysia


“I bought TOL Put for $3.50. It took about 9 days to reach the target and more. The option sold for $6.20 which is a 77% gain!”Joanne Chao, California


“Mirriam, Aaron and his team of dedicated trainers are always ready to help… so that all their students can be successful.”Lim Kong Hiong, Engineer


Mirriam is like an angel… I don’t know a better way of putting it! Her heart is so big… I’m deeply grateful to her for being so truly committed to our success!Dr Marah Cannon, Chiropractor


“I lost the hundreds and made the thousands… I’ve made $7,000 to $11,500 ie. 57% increase in my account. Now I can travel the world as well as trade, and I can also do other passions in my life during the day.”Lucy Nancy Sim, Retiree


My account was 108% gain… quite a good achievement for newbies like me. Now I am able to keep my full time job and have fun in the evening to make more money for my retirement fund.”Boyd Sheum, Management


“Within two weeks of going live I had taken 5 trades. Three have been exited. Two positive exits PCP and GOOG and, one negative LZ. Overall, I was up over USD$20,000.”Pedro Robert, Financial Planner


“The training is so easy. I never traded options before. I have turned US$5,000 to US$11,000 in 7 weeks.”Thomas Pendi, Self-employed


“2 fantastic trades today. DRYS 28% and X 23% profits! The seminar has taught me how to protect my investment even in a volatile market.”Eugene Low, Software Engineer


“I grew US$5,000 to US$7,002 or 40% profits… The training was all worth it!”Mazlan Gapar, IT Professional


“SCHN –  Total premium of $2.25. The stock price was $52.09. I sold $6.35, a 195% return! Tim Harrison, California


“From being small time investors, we have been transformed to big time traders. We can now be professional traders ourselves!Sharifah Binte Salleh, Self Employed


“Mirriam & Aaron’s commitment to their students is exceptional. Mirriam’s strategies are a great gift to all of us, full of integrity and her commitment to create true wealth.”Sherry Cox, Canada